Geriatric Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory


-- Our Mission --

We at the Geriatric Psychiatry Neuroimaging (GPN) Lab are interested in the mental heath of the fastest growing population of our communities, the elderly and aging. We are interested in understanding the changes related to the normal aging of the brain, as well as in the treatment and prevention of brain diseases.

Our lab is comprised of a diverse group of medical and research professionals, engineers, research staff, and students from all levels of education. We use structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to better understand functional and structural brain changes occurring in late-life. We do this using a variety of rigorously tested pipelines in a wide variety of established toolboxes (including SPM, FreeSurfer, FSL). We also specialize in the development of new and cutting edge methods for image processing of aging brains, as many of these methodologies were generated and tested on healthy young brains.

A central theme of our research is investigating the common underlying neural mechanisms of the components of geriatric syndromes, including late-life depression, anxiety, mobility, and cognition.

-- Our Team --